Our company’s setup, equipment and machinery enable us to provide land clearing services for your development site in a safe, efficient and affordable manner.
We can remove your trees to clear the land for your new house, or your industrial or commercial development.


Lopping & Felling

  • Removal of tree limbs that interfere with pathways, power lines, gutters, roofs, neighbouring properties, etc
  • Removal of dead or weak limbs that may be hazardous, could cause injury or risk property damage
  • Mulching tree branches & foliage
  • Important advice on tree health & structure
  • Regular tree maintenance programs
  • Weight reduction
  • Cabling & bracing of trees & limbs
  • Hazardous tree assessment
  • Cut your own tree down, we can come and mulch it


  • Complete stump removal or poisoning of stump

Mulch Sales

  • To assist with your gardens water sustainability & vastly improve your gardens appearance
  • Mulching of green waste, tree branches & foliage
  • Mulch Sales
  • Our truck holds 17 cubic metres, smaller loads are available
  • Free delivery in local areas

Wood Chipping

  • 115 Horsepower turbo charged diesel/18 inch log capacity wood chipper
  • Accessible to most sites
  • Chipper can be fed by hand, with the bobcat or excavator for large production

Green Waste

  • Don’t pay council tip fees or cubic metres in a trailer!
  • We can save you money with our green waste service
  • We drag it, chip it & dispose of it. Or you can keep your own mulch for FREE